Elaeagnus Murakamiana

A deciduous shrub. Branchlets are dark reddish brown or blackish brown.

Leaves are alternate, membranous, oblong to obovate-elliptic or sometimes ovate-elliptic, obtuse to abruptly acuminate with an obtuse tip, rotundate to acutish at the base, entire, subdensely with stellate hairs above, silvery white scales and thinly with stellate hairs along the midrib beneath.

Flowers in April to May with the leaves, 1 or rarely 2 in the lower leaf-axils on new shoots.

Fruits ripening red in June to July, edible.

This oleaster is found on the hills of the warm-temperate zone on Pacific side of central Honshu and Shikoku.

It is recommendable as a garden tree.

Distribution ; Honshu (Shizuoka to Hyougo), Shikoku (northeast)


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