Glochidion obovatum

A deciduous densely branched shrub with blackish brown bark, longitudinally dense-fissured, peeling off in thin flakes.

Leaves are alternate, distichous, narrowly obovate, obtuse or abruptly acute with an obtuse tip at the apex, long cuneate at the base, entire on the margin, deep green above, glaucescent beneath.

Flower to July to October, several-fasciculate in the axils on the current year's growth.

Capsules maturing in autumn, dehiscent, revealing yellowish red seeds.

This tree is common at sunny places near coast in the southern part of the warm temperate zone.

The wood, hard and tenacious, is used for a material of seals, combs, beads of an abacus.

Distribution ; Honshu (Izu to west), Shikoku, Kyushu, Tushima, Ryukyu Islands


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